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Working at Topwind feels like coming home

Topwind managing director Johan Top: “Ruud (Kerkhof) and myself would not call ourselves typical entrepreneurs or managing directors. We are above all dedicated trade addicts with a passion for wind power. Key is that each of our employees does enjoy his/her job and that there is a good balance between working hours and private life. One colleague commented a while ago: ‘Working at Topwind feels like coming home.’ We fully share that view, because happy employees contribute to satisfied clients.”

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The Topwind team recently welcomed Micky van der Wind (Project Manager), Michel van Achthoven (Site Manager), Her Van Doorn (Techincal Expert), Kevin Van Der Mark (System Engineer), Willem Lam (Asset Manager) and Henriette Van loo (Technical Administrator).

Windfarm Oostpolder. A beautiful project in the northern parts of the Netherlands. Oostpolder is an initiative of local farmers and entrepreneurs, which decided to use their land to produce sustainable energy.

Langs de A2 is Topwind in opdracht van WeertEnergie en Eneco, bezig met het realiseren van windpark Weert. Hier was het met regulier transport niet mogelijk om de bladen van de windturbines op locatie te krijgen. In samenwerking met Enercon is er een Blade Lifter ingezet.